Community Groups

We believe that transformation happens in the context of relationships. For people to authentically follow Jesus, or begin to ask questions about what that means, we believe we need to know each other's stories, do life together, pray for and with each other, and hold each other accountable. 

Community Groups at The Table are organized by semesters and launch four times a year. Groups vary by age, topic, and purpose.

Summer 2021

This Summer we are keeping things light and meeting up at Le Chien Brewery in Denham Springs on Thursday Nights. There is outdoor seating and delicious sweet and savory handpies sold by Pie Eyed Food Truck. Obviously, the brews are for adults 21+ only but minors are welcome to hang out and eat pie too! Some adults bring their kids and they play while the adults hang out and play trivia. Check out the dates and give us a heads up you're coming HERE!