Community Steps

First Cup: Let's Get to Know Each Other!

Held the first Sunday of each month, immediately after church. Rev. Angela & Rev. Pattye lead this group to help get people acquainted with our community and how we do life together.

Second Cup: Finding Purpose - Impact Teams

We believe that one of the best ways to be a part of community is to serve together! We host Second Cup for those who have completed First Cup and are ready to get to know more about why this is such a vital part of being a part of community. We cover community events, how we serve on Sundays, and how we make an impact where we live, work and play!

Third Cup: Connecting to Community - Groups

Our community groups are how we do life together as Jesus followers. In this step, we go over how we do group semesters and what kind of groups we offer. We believe that transformation happens in the context of relationships and community groups is how we challenge one another, grow in our understanding and knowledge, and do life together.

Fourth Cup: Making an Impact! - Partnership Class

Partnership is how we view what has traditionally been called "membership." We believe that our role as a church is to partner with people as they live out the principles of a faith life. We cover what we ask of our partners and how we support you as you take next steps toward Jesus.

Other Next Steps

We believe there is always a Next Step that someone can take in their life of following Jesus. If you are feeling stagnant in your faith, if you are ready for a change, if you are feeling a prompting to follow Jesus more fully, the following steps are a great way to take that Next Step!

Spiritual Discipline/Practices:

  • Reserve 1-3 meals a week to share with someone you work with, with a neighbor, or with someone from the church. Sharing meals is a great way to be in relationship with others, to have the opportunity to receive the perspective of others, and deepen relationships with people you would otherwise not have a chance to share life with.

  • Find ways to intentionally bless 1-3 people a week: where you live, where you work, and where you play. An encouraging word, a thoughtful gift, or a simple act of serving can build relationships and transform the spaces you regularly find yourself.

  • Go deep and wide! Read a new book, listen to a new podcast, watch a youtube video that challenges your heart and mind. We highly suggest or check out our free book supply in our Connect Room! All we ask is that you bring it back when you're done!

  • Practice the art of listening well. Drive to work in silence. Get up early and drink your coffee while the house is quiet and still. Sit on the porch or patio after work and just. listen. In a world that is constantly filled with surface level connection, we urge you to spend time each week in connection with God by practicing the art of listening well.

  • Write your story down. We all have a story to tell of when God collided with our life. Write down your story and practice sharing it with others.

  • Pray intentionally. There are different types of prayer and different ways Christians have practiced prayer throughout history. Familiarize yourself with different practices and try a new one on for size!

Say YES! to Jesus:

  • Receive baptism! If you have never been baptized and you are ready to say yes to a life with God, sign up for the next Baptism Sunday to take that next step!

  • Make a Profession of Faith! If you were baptized as an infant or young person but fell away from the faith and would like to make that sign and symbol of a fresh start with God, we want to celebrate that with you. Sign up for the next Baptism Sunday!


  • We are all given Spiritual Gifts that help the church function as a full body of Christ. We believe a good leader requires great humility, authentic living, and a heart for Jesus. We do not require perfection but we do require purpose as we do life together at The Table. If you are ready to lead a group, have an idea for how we serve, or want to head up a community event, we want to partner with you in your leadership!

Support The Table

  • Our Sunday morning service is how we welcome new people into community. To make a great experience for people willing to step through our doors, it requires that we have people there ready to receive them! You can support us simply by showing up, sitting with someone who is alone, walking someone to the Kid's Building, or just introducing yourself. Showing great hospitality is the best way to welcome people to our community!

  • Give money. We tell couples that if you can't trust each other with money, then you can't trust each other with anything. And that is true for the church as well! Giving money is a spiritual practice and is how we trust God to provide in our lives, to let go of monetary control, and to align with us in the mission and vision of The Table. Your giving goes toward our amazing iced coffee and fresh donuts on Sundays, community outreach, and all of the creative ways we connect with new people. 

  • Pray for us! Our leadership, our pastors, our community members need your prayers as we try to live out the mission of making an impact where we live, work, and play!

  • Be a resource! If you have professional knowledge, skill sets, experience, or other resources that you are able to use in the world, your faith community needs those gifts as well! Use them to grow the Kingdom of God, here and now!

  • Share your story: with us and your circle of influence. How we continue doing what we do here is by how people see your life transformed by Jesus and through what we do together at The Table. 

  • Be a bringer. God will present people to you who are looking for an opportunity to connect with community. Offer to pick them up, meet them outside, and bring them to church, to an event, to a group, or any Impact opportunity!