FIRST hour - 10am

Sundays at 10am in the BUMC north campus bldg.

Grown Ups & Coffee

So much about life is shared around tables. On Sunday mornings, we gather in the coffee bar area before worship to share our week, share some laughs, and focus our minds on something that can make an impact in our Monday-Saturday. This is a really laid-back, no homework, no lesson style group of grown ups and coffee. 

Kids & First Hour

Our Infant and Toddler Care is available during this time and Kids Ministries begins check-in for SPARK! (Prek-5th Grade) at 10:25am in the Kid's Building.

You are welcome to bring the kids with you to grab a donut before they head to SPARK!

Students & First Hour

Students in Middle School to High School are invited to come and grab some coffee and donuts and hang out with our Student Ministries Director, Scott Mitchell. This is a great chance for the students to talk about their week and talk about all the random stuff that their hearts desire! 

WORSHIP - 10:45am

Sundays at 10:45am in the BUMC north campus bldg.


We start worship with music led by our Worship Team. If you are new to a worship experience, you are more than welcome to stay in the coffee bar area to observe from the back of the room. We believe worship is an expression of humbling ourselves before the God we love. 

We also recognize that not everyone is ready to worship and that's okay! We all have to start somewhere and if you can start with a cup of coffee from the back of the room, we are excited to be a part of that!


Weekly teaching is led by Rev. Angela Roberson. We want to be a part of helping people understand the bible, the cultural context, the history, and why it matters today. We recognize that the bible is one of the tools that has been used to damage a lot of people and we want to be a part of helping others get to know the bible in a new way. 


Communion is an ancient tradition that began one night as Jesus sat with his disciples around a table. Though the disciples didn't quite understand what Jesus meant at the time, modern believers have the gift of perspective through the gospel accounts. The tradition of taking bread and wine (we use juice) is something that is meant to be a gift. A physical reminder of the grace that God has shown us through Jesus. 

ANYONE is welcome to receive this grace. If you aren't ready to partake, please feel free to remain seated and know that God loves you right where you are.

Where do my kids go?

Your child is ALWAYS welcome at The Table! We have plenty of space to lay a blanket down for tummy-time or tables in the back for coloring and little entertainment bags as well. We believe in a parent's wisdom on what works for their family!


For those who would like for their child to be in an environment with other kids and age divided activities, here are your options: 

Infant-Toddler Care is provided in our Kid's Building.

SPARK! is our kids environment for PreK-5th Grades each week at 10:45am (check-in starts at 10:25am). Every week, SPARK! leads kids through worship, a bible story, and a main point that is relevant to their everyday life - self-control, taking initiative, and connecting to the REAL power source are just some of the ways that we try to connect the Bible to real life.

Our goal in SPARK! is to partner with parents in making an impact in a kid's life through our community of faith!

I have teenagers! What about them?

Students in middle school & high school are invited to be a part of the worship service at The Table. We believe that the more a student is invested in their local church, the more they will live out a life long faith with Jesus.

For students who have a passion for working with kids, we allow them to serve in Kid's Ministry along with our amazing adult leaders.

Every Sunday afternoon, we have our student ministries time for 6th-12th grades. This time is specifically created for them to have some fun and hear teaching that will help guide them into a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

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