What do I wear? 
Some people tuck in their shirts, some people don't. Some people wear jeans. Some wear dresses. Some are ready for sports after church and some are ready for lunch. If you're good, we're good.

What if I don't have a bible? 
That's okay! The bible verse will be on the screen or you are welcome to pull out your phone!

Are the coffee and donuts free? 

Should I bring money? 
We have baskets at the back of our room for people who would like to make an offering. We also have an online giving option. If this is your first time with us, please just make yourself at home and don't feel compelled to give. We are just glad you came!

Where should I park?
The entrance for our service is on the north side of our campus. You will see "Enter Here for The Table" signs just outside the doors as well as our greeters outside to welcome you.